5 Thai Dishes That Chef Jet Tila Says You Need to Try

Photo Courtesy of Bon Appétit


You may know Jet Tila as a judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, you may have heard about his multiple Guinness World Records (the last was for a 15,291-pound fruit salad), you may have tried his Chef Jet home meals from Schwan’s, you may have taken a Thai cooking class with him, or maybe you’ve taken one of his tours of Los Angeles’s Thai Town. But the tireless Thai-American chef’s proudest title, conferred by the Thai consulate, is that of official Thai Culinary Ambassador to the United States.

Bon Appétit features 5 Thai Dishes that Chef Jet Tila Says You Need to Try. Jet pointed out those dishes that you may not know now but that could become the next Pad Thai.

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