Bangkok – Getting a Feel for the Place


There are many, many angles from which to approach Bangkok, depending upon one’s interests, needs, desires, proclivities, and time available. One could tackle the city through the lenses of art or photography, architecture, food (of course), performing arts, history, religion, culture and many more themes.

Let start with an overview – literally: get on the Skytrain and ride around for a while. Although you may not be heading anywhere particular, you are not without purpose. You are observing and taking in everything, from the changing views outside the window to the changing cast of characters inhabiting your car.

You could, of course, get off anywhere that takes your fancy, but as a gentle, introductory venue to enjoy while you’re still in approach and observe mode, Lumpini Park is an excellent choice. Relax or stroll the spacious grounds, watch the children and elders practicing tai chi, take a small boat out on the lake if you like, or just ponder how amazing this place is surrounded by Bangkok’s business district and bustling streets. More >>

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